Own the horizon

Skyframe is our panoramic collection of large format D96 roadside billboards. When you want to really stand out against the competition, our network of Skyframe D96 billboards create major impact across huge audiences. Placed on arterial roads leading to the UK’s top cities, they are double the size of D48 screens, and the ultimate landscape OOH format.

3.7 million impressions across the Skyframe network per fortnight

Bright and bold LED screens with 6mm pixel pitch
Super energy efficient with low average power consumption (180W/m2)

Ultra-thin screens for improved efficiency and aesthetic

Long viewing distance of minimum 500 metres

Extra wide horizontal viewing angle of 140 degrees

Boost yourcampaigns

Skyframe screens make a powerful impression on their surrounding environment. Their sheer size and pivotal locations make them ideal for boosting your campaign. By adding them to your OOH plan you instantly double your presence and significantly boost audience recall. The network currently boasts 3.7m impressions per fortnight.

Make a statement

The distinctive landscape frame of a Skyframe D96 screen sits proudly against the horizon. The extra space and high-performance quality screens allow for stand-out creative and messaging that really packs a punch for its audience from an extra-long viewing distance of at least 500 metres.

Perfect for brands

Large scale OOH advertising, such as D96 screens, have long been associated with recognisable brands. Audiences recall brands and build trust when they consistently view messaging in such large-scale formats. Our network of D96 screens boast unparalleled picture quality so you can put your trust in us to consistently stand out.

Skyframe locations


Pershore Road, A441


Warwick Road, A41


Cowbridge Road East, A4161

Scotland, Greenock

Port Glasgow Road, A8, Eastbound

Scotland, Greenock

Port Glasgow Road, A8, Westbound

Scotland, Harthill

Monopole, M8, Eastbound

Scotland, Harthill

Monopole, M8, Westbound


Junction 5, M621, Westbound


Western Avenue, A40, Eastbound


Western Avenue, A40, Westbound


Broad Street, A6


Liverpool Road, A57, Westbound

West Midlands, Tipton

Great Western Way, A461

West Midlands, Warley

M5, Northbound

West Midlands, Warley

M5, Southbound 

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