Doncaster is best described as a large market town, and one of the most prosperous entities in the heartlands of South Yorkshire.

Always a prosperous town, Doncaster has successfully leveraged its advantageous location throughout the ages while emerging as a popular commuter hotspot during the last two decades.

Overall, advertising in Doncaster can deliver excellent results for brands, connecting local businesses to a diverse and increasingly motivated consumer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Doncaster?

Traditionally, Doncaster has always been viewed as a thriving market town with huge potential. During the 18th century, for example, it was renowned for being home to a number of rich landowners with huge estates and lavish homes, with the gilded, Mansion House on High Street a shining embodiment of this wealth.

The town quickly emerged as communications and industrial centre during the 19th century, as it outstanding location and transportation links (by both land and water) made it ideally suited to the shipment of coal and textiles.

This reputation remains valid today, with Doncaster sat on the A1 road that connects the south of the country to the north. It remains the primary route for all traffic from London to Edinburgh, while the further development of the town’s railways has helped to establish Doncaster as a major distribution centre in the UK. Brands such as Next, Tesco, and Ikea have all based their main warehouses in Doncaster, while hardware giant B&Q have also established a presence recently.

As customers and brands have flocked to the town, there have also been a large number of regeneration initiatives in the region. The construction of an Education City campus stands out, as this represents the largest single educational investment of its type in the UK. The popular Frenchgate Retail Centre has also been expanded to connect with public transport hubs, creating both jobs and increased visitor rates as a result.

This, along with sustained residential regeneration in the area, has also helped to attract commuters who work in major cities in and around the South Yorkshire region.


Doncaster’s Population and Demographics

Doncaster has an estimated population of 302,402, with the town’s urban area including 158,141 residents. The current demographics are split between females (51%) and males (49%), which is typical of most urban areas around the UK.

The average and median age of people in Doncaster is 40, which is marginally higher than the UK average of 39. This is reflective of a mature audience and a workforce that boasts traditional and elementary skill-sets.

As if to illustrate this, 15.5% of Doncaster employees work in elementary roles. Elementary administration and service positions also account for 12.8% of all jobs, with 12.9% of workers operating as skilled tradespeople. The town has also welcomed a larger number of professional employees in recent times, with this demographic currently accounting for 11.3% of the local workforce.

The mature nature of Doncaster residents is also reflected by a high rate of marriage and cohabitation, with 46.3% of residents having tied the knot and a further 14.1% living with a partner. In contrast, just 22.4% are single and classed as never been married, and this offers crucial insight for advertisers to leverage.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Doncaster is Beneficial

Advertising in Doncaster can really benefit local businesses, while there are several reasons for companies to invest in this endeavour.

There is also an argument which suggests that outdoor advertising is particularly effective in the region, especially when you consider Doncaster’s strategic location and access to major roadsides.

By targeting prime spots along motorways and the iconic A1 road, advertisers can target large customer segments without spending outside of their means.