While the sprawling location of Birmingham is renowned as England’s ‘second city’ after the capital London, not all of its individual towns and boroughs are well-known.

Take Walsall, for example, which is an industrial town in the West Midland and one that is not widely revered outside of Birmingham or the Black Country. Despite this, Walsall has a proud and rich heritage, while it has also continued to forge a reputation as a progressive and constantly involving industrial hub.

In this respect, advertising in Walsall may prove to be far more lucrative than you may initially think, while it can also help your brand to reach a highly skilled and knowledgeable consumer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Walsall?

Back in the 16th century, Walsall was a tiny village settlement with a population of just 2,000 people. At the height of the Industrial Revolution just 300 years later, however, Walsall has become a thriving town with a population that had swelled to approximately 86,000.

Incredibly, the town has also remained true to its industrial roots ever since this time, although it has also diversified the range of products that it manufacturers considerably. So not only is the town still a hub for the production of items such as saddles, handbags and plated ware, but it now also manufacturers plastics, electronics, aircraft parts and even chemicals.

The latter market is particularly important, with the UK a leading producer of chemicals and the industry adding approximately £15.2 billion per annum to the national economy. Not only has this created jobs in the town and significant reinvestment, but it has also created more opportunities for local advertisers.

Additionally, the M6 also runs right through the heart of Walsall, providing direct transportation links between the town and neighbours such as Liverpool, Manchester and the centre of Birmingham. This also creates significant opportunities for businesses to target larger audiences, while it has helped to drive the success of established firms like HomeServe and South Staffordshire Water.

Advertisers will also be aware of Walsall FC, which boasts passionate local support and numerous links to local brands (including sponsors HomeServe).


Walsall’s Population and Demographics

The latest figures place Walsall’s population at 269,323, with a relatively even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average and median age of residents in Walsall is 39, which creates a mature and value-conscious consumer base that local advertisers can look to target.

The town’s continued focus on industry is reflected by the most popular occupations in the regions, with skilled tradespeople topping the list and accounting for 13.7% of the workforce. Elementary employees account for a further 13%, while 10.8% work as process, plant and machine operatives. This makes for a unique combination of skilled and entry-level of positions, which add depth to the local economy and help to drive growth.

This industrial town certainly has traditional family values, with 46.5% of people married and a further 11.3% cohabiting with a long-term partner. In contrast, just 24.6% are classed as single, so the local community is dominated by hard-working family households and couples.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Walsall can be Beneficial

While there is a clear case to be made for advertising in Walsall, the method that you should use to target consumers is not immediately obvious.

Outdoor advertising certainly offers value in the region, thanks to its cost-effective nature and compatibility with marketing relatively low-margin products.

Similarly, the presence of the M6 also provides various roadside locations through which to leverage traditional billboards, while also enabling brands to target consumers from alternative locations like Manchester, Liverpool and central Birmingham.