While some cities and towns forge their own achievements, others benefit primarily from their location on the map.

Then there are locations like Northampton, which have managed to build a diverse and independent local economy while also capitalising on its relatively close proximity to London.

This makes advertising in Northampton a potentially lucrative exercise, and one through which brands can access a large, varied and affluent audience.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Northampton?

Since its Bronze Age origins, the county town of Northampton has established itself as a key economic hub in the UK. Sitting on the very fringes of the East Midlands, it is almost equidistant between London and Birmingham and also one of the largest towns in the UK in its own right.

A major player in the Industrial Revolution and a pivotal hub in the lucrative leather and shoemaking sectors, Northampton is used to sitting at the cutting edge of economic change and evolution. Engineering was also a major employer in the region since the Second World War, while the town now serves as home to some of the world’s leading financial service providers and fiscal institutions.

Barclaycard, Blacks Leisure Group and the Nationwide Building Society are all based in Northampton, for example, with these group providing multiple employment opportunities in the area. Northampton’s outstanding location and transportation links with major cities in the UK has also seen a number of major distributors and productions brands settle in the area, including Panasonic, Coca-Cola, Travis Perkins and Carlsberg.

As if this was not enough to sell Northampton as a viable location for advertisers, the town is also a popular commuter hub for those working in London. This has triggered an influx of affluent professionals into the region, driving higher levels of spending and consumer confidence as a result.

Interestingly Experian also voted Northampton as the number one location in which to start a business in the UK back in 2014, highlighting its potential to create the next generation of local advertisers. This important, with solo-entrepreneurs well-known as the key drivers of the national economy.


Northampton’s Population and Demographics

The latest figures place Northampton’s population at 212,069, with a relatively even demographic split of 51% females and 49% male.

The influence of Millennials and young professionals within the town is reflected by the average age of residents, which is currently 37. The median age is even lower at 36, suggesting that local advertisers are able to target an increasingly affluent and motivated audience in the modern age.

We have already touched on the diversity of the region’s economy, which combines professional services and production to excellent effect. In total, 14.9% and 14.7% of the workforce serve in entry-level and professional roles respectively, with a further 11.7% operating at associated professional level. 10.3% of the local workforce are also classed as skilled tradespeople, while the region boasts an employment rate that is lower than the national average overall.

Despite the falling average age in Northampton, the town continues to appeal to families and established couples. 56.1% of the population are either married or cohabiting with a serious partner, for example, with just 26.4% described as being single. For any brands that look to target families with their products or services, Northampton clearly remains an excellent place to advertise.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Northampton is Beneficial

With the potential benefits of advertising in Northampton abundantly clear, the only question that remains is how best to target the local audience?

The answer is arguably out-of-the-home (OOH) advertising, which is extremely cost-effective when compared to digital alternatives. This type of advertising has also proved to be particularly effective when targeting young professionals and Millennials, so it is likely to generate more leads and conversions over time.

The town’s reputation as a commuter hub is also important, as it means that placing billboards at prominent roadside locations can deliver exceptional results.