For local advertisers, the devil is often in the detail.

This usually means identifying potential customers that form part of unusual demographics or unheralded regions, such as the small market town of Peterlee in the North East. This town could easily have disappeared from the map during the 1980s, as it was historically inhabited by coal miners and families and the ultimate collapse of this industry caused untold economic damage.

Thanks to regeneration and the town’s reinvention, it has found a new lease of love since the turn of the century. Even the notion of advertising in Peterlee is now viable, which is not something that could have been said as the coal industry suffered its slow but inevitable decline.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Peterlee?

This small market town was built under the New Towns Act of 1946, boasting a prominent location in County Durham. It faced a challenging future after the decline of the coal industry, however, with local authorities forced to pursue economic diversification while investing in a number of residential building projects.

These efforts have been largely successful, with the Novus Business Centre serving as the physical embodiment of Peterlee’s attempts to become a prominent service and manufacturing hub. This advanced location is home to large brands such as Provident and Ener-G, while its popularity among businesses has helped to boost employment and disposable income levels in the area.

The Good Food Company is also established as one of the region’s main employers, creating a huge demand for manufacturing skills and plant operatives. This brand has been central to the town’s economic growth for a while now, while it has also created a significant opportunities for affiliated local brands through partnerships. This, coupled with the town’s economic ties to Sunderland, Hartlepool and Durham, has also created cross-marketing opportunities that boost each business’ growth potential.

The have also been a number of residential building projects commissioned in recent times, with the latest proposals set to see 1,000 properties added in the local community. This may help the town to become popular among commuters, particularly those that work in prominent and increasingly professional locations such as neighbouring Sunderland.


Peterlee’s Population and Demographics

Peterlee’s has two distinct districts in the East and the West, which when combined boast a total population of 14,672. The demographic split is 52% female and 48% male, which is typical of most locations in the UK and particularly those in the North East.

The average and median age of people in Peterlee is 40, which means that the town is home to a slightly more mature consumer base than neighbouring Sunderland. So even though the recent residential projects have offered an option for young professionals who wish to use Peterless as a base from which to commute, this has yet to reduce the median age of the region.

The slightly older customer base and workforce is reflected by the predominant occupations in the region, with 14.8% of the population employed as process, plant and machine operatives. A further 14.7% work in elementary and entry level roles, underpinning the various service and manufacturing businesses in the region. In contrast, 12.1% work as skilled tradespeople, and this group has helped the town to diversify and build its economic potential.

Peterlee is also home to a predominantly British audience, with 96.6% of the local population having been born in England and 98.4 originating from the UK. As a result of this, approximately 99% of the local population speak fluent English, creating minimal issues for advertisers in terms of language or cultural barriers.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Peterlee is Beneficial

While Peterlee may not be the biggest or the wealthiest town, it is home to an honest and value-conscious consumer base that is always keen to partner with local brands.

With further regeneration likely and the location primed to become more popular among commuters, its potential as an advertising hotspot is sure to grow over time.

To leverage this successfully, outdoor advertising may provide the best and most cost-effective channel. This is ideal thanks to its competitive pricing and superior ROI, while it can also be used to effectively target a large and busy workforce while they are out of the home.